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Programmer, Game Designer, Web Developer, and much more

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(Last Updated 2023-08-24)

I'm a young programmer from Turkey. You can see my past works on the right side. Check out cards below to learn my qualities and my qualifications.

My Qualities

  • Passionate - I believe, I care about my projects and try to make them best than can be.
  • Team Player - I really enjoy working with other passionate and skillful people.
  • Time Sensitive - For me time matters a lot, so I try to do everything on time.
  • Self Motivated - I don't require much to feel motivated.
  • Adaptive - I think I can adapt to any workflow within a short time.
  • Enjoy Learning - I really enjoy learning and improving myself.

My Qualifications

- Programming related -

  • I have been learning C# for 8 years and professionally using it for 3 years.
  • I have 3 years of Unity knowledge(Desktop, Web and Mobile game development), and as of 2023 started to release games I have made using Unity.
  • I also have 2 years of JS knowledge
  • I'm familiar with Rust, C/C++, Python, and Java.
  • Other tech related experiences I have: PostgreSQL, Redis, Nginx, Discord and Steam API

- School related -

  • I have graduated from TED Northern Cyprus College with 8.57 out of 10.
  • I've finished BTEC Nationals level 3 for ICT with perfect 9 out of 9 distinction.
  • I have finished 2 A-Levels(Mathematics and Physics), Results will be given in 2023-08-17.
  • I have achieved 7.5 out of 9 on my IELST.

- Games -

Match Match Pop!

(Started at 2023-07-20, Ongoing)

Quick bite-sized mobile game. Inspired by candy crush.
Itch.io Page
App Store

Rich White Person Simulator

(Started at 2023-06-24, Finished by 2023-06-30)

Stomp on plants and make profit! A game made for "F##k Capitalism Jam 2023" within 6 days
Itch.io Page(has web build)

Lens Industries

(Started at 2023-06, Cancelled)

A portal inspired, physics based puzzle game made for "Adventure Jam 2023" within 9 days
Itch.io Page(has web build)

Dungeons & Vending

(Finished by 2023-03)

A dungeon crawler game made in unity for "Dungeon Crawler Jam 2023" within 5 days
Itch.io Page

- Others -

Discord Thread Manager

(Finished by 2023-05)

DTM is a project I've made for Voxel Fox LTD. I made it using C# and Discord API. It allows user to easily manage discord threads.
Click here to learn more!

Lynx Bot

(Started at 2023-04, ongoing development)

A discord bot I made to help with minor issues while chatting in discord(unit conversion, defining words, calculations, etc...). Using C# and Discord.net.
Click here to learn more!

Custom chess.com pieces

(Finished by 2023-02)

A firefox plugin, which allows the user to swap out the boring chess pieces with cool custom pieces. Made with JavaScript.
Click here to learn more!


(Worked on between 2020 and 2021)

A basic console renderer I made for fun few years ago. Made with C#.
Click here to learn more!

Made with love ♥. Using C#, Blazor, Tailwind, and ASP.net. Code for the website is entirely by Dora Gülşenoğlu.
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